Introducing…Me: The Liebster Award

I owe Annie of Strong Brees a HUGE hug for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Here it comes Annie: <HUG> Thank you times a million! What I love most about these awards is the opportunity to get to know new bloggers who are doing some pretty awesome things on their sites and to spread... Continue Reading →

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Thankful Thursdays: It’s Never Too Late

Another late start. Sigh. This has become a bad habit I've developed the last few months. Late to work. Late to the gym. Late to meet up with friends. Late to finalize my plans for New Year's Eve (spent at home because I couldn't make up my mind). Late to pretty much everything. And here... Continue Reading →

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The Time I Ran Away to Europe

We stood there facing the rising sun peeking behind the gorgeous spires and turrets of the castle, watching the reds and oranges bleed through the sky and across our faces. I looked at my companions. New friends I'd made only a week ago and here we were, sharing this impossible moment of beauty and serenity.... Continue Reading →

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