A Giant Leap for Me

I am so happy and so grateful to be surrounded by the amazing people I have in my life. I just got home from the gym with my brother which was a first for me on so many levels. He reached out to me this morning and tugged on my heartstrings a bit when I hesitated on going to the gym with him. The fact that he said my encouragement would help him feel motivated to get his weight under control sealed the deal, even though I would have rather stayed at home and spent the next hour sending tweets and reading blogs. I figured, stop being lame and do what you’re always telling others to do. So, I got over my fear of the gym (and yes, I have gym fear) and hit three birds with one stone. Get a workout in, start running as I’ve been saying for weeks, and be there for my brother. Those three birds are down and out. I managed to get a good 15 minutes of walk/run in without wanting to die, plus an additional 10 minutes on the bike. Abs and arms on the mat. And I was sold on the gym, so I added a membership to boot. More importantly, I made the promise to my brother and myself that we’d make it a weekly routine to go together. It’ll be like our own little thing which is another first for us. It’s not just the endorphins that have me on this high right now, but the emotional impact of knowing that I’ve taken a real solid step forward towards fitness counseling and advocacy by starting with a loved one who trusts me implicitly. It’s been a wonderful start to the weekend and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both my brother and myself. 🙂

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