All about apple varieties – which to pick and why!

All about apple varieties – which to pick and why!.

I’m a big apple fan. Big. HUGE. Each year I count down to September in anticipation of all those lovely apple varieties to start making their way into the markets and then back home with me. Not only is it the most perfect snack to have in the middle of the day (~5g of fiber & complex carbs gives you a boost and keeps you feeling full longer), it’s a great cooking ingredient. I usually bake several pies, danishes, and tarts with apples every year, but this time I want to go bigger. Maybe make my own applesauce or even apple butter. I also want to start using apple in savory dishes. I’m ready to go nuts in the kitchen and I’m taking stock of all my baking supplies to be sure I’m ready!

I’m hoping that I can carve out some time to go apple picking this year, but if not I can use this very handy guide to figure out which varieties go best with each recipe. And even more conveniently, this site tells you when they’re at their peak. This is a MUST for all of you New Yorkers out there looking to get your hands on some great, fresh seasonal produce being grown by our local farmers.

For all of you non-NYers?? This site can be tailored by state, so take a look and see what’s coming this month in your neck of the woods.

Happy eating everyone! 🙂

4 Replies to “All about apple varieties – which to pick and why!”

  1. Yes! Apples are the best. Did you know they used to be called winter bananas?

    Also, where’s is the “Hard cider” category for apple varieties?!?!


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