Happy Birthday (to my blog)!

Today marks two amazing months on WordPress and what a journey it’s been! I can hardly believe that I’ve only been writing and sharing my stories for two months. It feels like so much longer, and that’s because I’ve been enjoying each and every second developing this space into my own. 🙂

I can never fully express my genuine appreciation and gratitude for each of the readers who’ve found themselves on my page, and have taken the time to comment and post their thoughts and views. Everything you have to say is important to me because it’s all part of the dialogue that I hope to inspire and create. Please, never hold back and tell me what moves you and makes you question the world around you.

I must also give a very very special thank you to the bloggers I have “met” and connected with over the last couple of months. Each of you inspire me to dig deeper, write more freely, be more honest with myself, and to push my boundaries. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see your kind words of encouragement, especially for my more personal posts, and to read your blogs and find a similar spirit of adventure and growth. You’re all friends to me now and I look forward to each new conversation we’ll have in the future as we continue sharing our stories.

There’s more to come on Food4ThoughtNYC. I have so many ideas I want to share, so many experiments I want to explore, and so many things I have to say. Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who has been a source of support and love throughout my journey. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. ❤

10 Replies to “Happy Birthday (to my blog)!”

  1. Congrats Maribel! Time flies doesn’t it? We started blogging around the same time I believe 🙂 I am so glad that you decided to share your thoughts on here. You are a true inspiration, and I look forward to what you have “cooking” up next 🙂
    Xo Éva


      1. Time flies like crazy! I am better thanks for remembering 🙂 Weekends are the best and Happy Friday 🙂 xo Éva (BTW when you start your paleo I am very curious to know how you like it and what you eat etc)


      2. Hey Eva, I’ve been sort of transitioning into paleo inch by inch this past week. There are some big things I can’t let go of yet, mainly greek yogurt and my Kashi cereal in the morning. Reintroducing more meat in my diet has been a positive change though. I wasn’t vegetarian before, but I hardly ate meat and I didn’t do a good job of supplementing the protein or iron with other foods. Anyway, there’ll be a whole post about this soon, but I just wanted to tell you that the transition has been challenging on the mental side. Some friends expressed concern for me with my history and I can appreciate where they’re coming from. They hear “diet” and me in the same sentence and freak. So I’ve had a lot to think about with my intentions and what my goals are. Again more to come on a future post. I thought you might understand some of that and wanted to share that you.
        Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! I’m off to spend money on food (since I got distracted by my random shopping spree yesterday) and in particular, almond and coconut flours so that i can do some paleo baking today! Cheers xoxo


      3. Hello Maribel 🙂
        Thanks fro sharing your paleo experiences. In the beginning of any diet change is super tough on me mentally as well. Add to that sharing it with friends or family and alarm bells go off of “here she goes again” or “something is wrong”. I go through this quite a bit but not as much as I used to. I think that eating more meat will help you feel fuller longer and provide the important nutrients and amino acids that meat protein provides. Vegetarians will argue with me on this, BUT I know that I function better eating meat and my blood work on my iron levels is much better. I would suggest not going too cold turkey on your Kashi or yogurt. Each day just try to have a few bites of each to sort of wean yourself off them. Then find some really good alternatives so that you have food on hand for breakfast, snacks, dinner etc. I always find that I have to clean everything out and start fresh, with no temptations around. My recipe for that bread made with almond flour was pretty good. Not sure if apple butter is paleo but I can’t be perfect 😉 I really look forward to your paleo adventures. Hope you had a good shopping day! Have a great night and a great start to your week! xo Éva


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