Thankful Thursday: What I’m Thankful for this Week

imageIt’s been a difficult week in my little corner of the world. When I sat down to write this week’s entry for the gratitude journal, I came up empty.

I sat there for a good long while until I had to put it away for a later time when I could clear my mind of all the negative thoughts and emotions that have consumed me this week.

Slowly, but surely, I was able to identify three things that gave me a deeper appreciation for the place I’m in at the moment. Upon further consideration, I added the overall emotional and mental challenge of this week as one of the things that I’m thankful for, even though it hasn’t been easy or fun.

Because that’s just it. Expressing gratitude is not always about flowers and rainbows. Or being happy all the time. Or the good things.

Sometimes those crappy weeks help shed light on the deeper recesses of your mind where you’ve been shoving all of the questions and thoughts that you didn’t want to deal with in happier times. It’s a wake up call and a necessary one to help realign you with your goals.

I had one of those weeks and I’m still going through the muck. None of that stops me from expressing gratitude. This weekly exercise, that I’m now sharing on this page, is essential to my journey.

It’s an outlet for the stress and frustration or for the happiness that can’t be contained. Either or, I find myself back here time and time again because it’s become vital to my well-being. Especially after the week I just had where all I want to do is run away, which is something I do often and a habit I’m trying to change.

This was a challenging entry. It wasn’t the first. And it won’t be the last. What’s important, is that I’m here sharing it without reservation, and with my eyes wide open.

It seemed pretty apropos that I would also get a thought-provoking email from the universe (yes, I get emails from the universe!) this morning.


If I could trade all of the bad for the good, would I? Is it worth dwelling on the negative so much, especially when it’s taken away from what could come from the positive? Those are great, big questions and they’ll give me food for thought (ha ha) for awhile.

Can you list 3 things you’re thankful for today?

Keep paying it forward. Stay healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 Replies to “Thankful Thursday: What I’m Thankful for this Week”

  1. I hope this upcoming week is so much better. I’ve had lots of tough weeks, months…but we can NEVER give up or give in. If we do, all is lost. Hang in there. ๐Ÿ™‚


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