Pausing for Reflection

I had a whole other post planned for today, but I was feeling so jazzed after my workout and several conversations with friends this week, that I decided to do something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Saying thanks. It may be way too soon to do this on a blog that’s two weeks old, but it’s my blog. I figure, if I can’t do it here as I want, then where can I? Right? Ok, so here goes.

Thanks to my family who are always there to support me through every up and down on this rollercoaster I’ve been on for what seems like forever.

Thanks to my parents who gave me more than they ever had, taught me the values and morals that I cherish, and continue to provide a safe haven for me no matter what.

Thanks to my best friends who always have my back,  always challenge me, always make me laugh, and always make me feel accepted.

Thanks to my teachers who fostered my curiosity in the world and encouraged me to fulfill my potential through my writing and research.

Thanks to all the people in my life who’ve inspired me to try harder, be better, and think positively about myself and others.

Thanks to all the people on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, WordPress, nutritionists, RDs, Fitfluential & SweatPink Ambassadors, fitness professionals, personal trainers, chefs, policy makers: ALL OF YOU who I have connected with, who I follow, who I obsessively read articles and posts by, who put it all out there every day. You all motivate me to keep this blog going, dig deeper for more information, and to take a harder look at what I believe about nutrition and fitness.

You’re all an inspiration for me and I hope to never stop thanking everyone for your support and encouragement.  🙂


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