A beautiful post that hits me right in the heart. I’m challenged daily by negative thoughts and vibes from other people and I’m constantly looking for ways to make peace with it on my own. This is why I love affirmations because I need these quick reminders to keep me on track. This post perfectly encapsulates the kind of positive attitude that I aspire to have in my life. Thanks to this amazing blogger and thank you for reading! Happy Friday! 🙂


I don’t know how your week has started. My week started out with challenges the minute I woke up. Anxious feeling creeping up, financial concerns, more medical concerns. Frustrated about a few things.

Each day I have to make a conscious choice: Will my emotions or circumstances rule my day? What or who will I access control to when the currents are rising? Does everything have to go the direction I intended? Some days I have to ask the hard questions.

I don’t know what you are facing today. Perhaps the looming questions seem insurmountable. Perhaps your week has gotten off to a fantastic start. However it has begun, may I encourage you to remember that your attitude is always a choice.

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