Journey to Joy

Fridays are usually a time to kick back and bask in the joy of two whole days of freedom stretched out in front of me. But I also take this time to think back on the week and see what I’ve managed to get done and what’s been left untouched. These days I’m spending that time really working on getting past some of the obstacles I’ve placed in the way towards a happier life, namely my fears and insecurities.

I have amazing friends and family that help keep me in check, but there are times when I need a quick pick-me-up to remind me of my mission.  Reading great blogs, like the one I posted earlier this morning by Overwhelmed by Joy, are incredibly inspiring. Quotes and sayings are my other lifesavers. Hearing some of the thoughts and desires I have beautifully expressed in the simplest way allows me to cut through the crap and stay focused. I need that now more than ever as I find myself drifting more and more from my goals.

In an effort to prevent a full 180-degree regression here, I’m posting reminders everywhere. I still write affirmations on my wrist with a marker and maybe one day I’ll have it tattooed as a permanent visual to help me stay positive, but for now I have this space to express those feelings. This list below has some useful tips to do what I need to do: to let go. These are tiny steps, but important ones as I try to let go of the past and stake a claim on my future. If you’re on a similar road, then take note and try this out for yourself. It can’t hurt. I hope everyone has a great Friday!



10 Replies to “Journey to Joy”

  1. Great post Maribel 🙂 I need to start following ALL of the above! Procrastination is my middle name…ugh so frustrating.


      1. Yup! I have a school paper due on Monday…guess what? Not even started yet….I am crazy…:)


      2. Oh no! I’ve SO been in your shoes many many times before, my friend. Best of luck on the paper and try to get it done soon so you can get some sleep!! Ugh, I don’t miss school-related allnighters…


      3. Yup, that is classic me! I just finished my papers that are due tomorrow, now I can breathe for a bit. I hope you’re having a nice weekend Maribel 🙂


      4. Thank you Maribel! 🙂 I did try to breathe and do very little but stay un today! I hope you have a great week ahead 🙂


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