Saturday Upsides: Best Friends and Pie

This has been a busy week for me. I’ve been writing and working nonstop since Sunday and today the party continues with one more blog post- my Saturday upside.

I’m going to keep this one short. There are two things that make today a whole lot brighter.


I completed my first food-focused week with this incredible apple pie that I baked last night. Each day this week I featured a different recipe with apples as the headliner and it was such a rush to be able to share the entire journey here with all of you. But it was exhausting. I’m tired. I have SO much respect for all of you who manage to cook everyday while working full-time and raising kids. It’s not easy. I never thought it was easy before, but I have even more respect for it now.

With all of that hard work I put into developing this blog series, I just want to take a long long nap. But all I have to do is look in my fridge and see this beauty waiting for me to realize that all that time paid off in the biggest way. Not only do I have a delicious dessert waiting for me later, but here was the culmination of what I was trying to accomplish this week. Healthy, yummy, and made with absolutely joy.


The reason I can’t just crash on my bed and shut the world out while I catch up on sleep is currently sitting on my bed playing with my dog. One of my best friends is in town and I’m going to take the rest of today and tomorrow to focus on one of the best parts of my life. There’s nothing like spending time with people who actually understand you and can make you forget about all the negative things we deal with each day. And I spend WAY too much time surrounded by the downside during the week. I’m ready to smile and have some good times. 🙂

So there’s my upside. Apple pie and best friends. Nothing can beat that!

Take part in Saturday Upsides and share the love! Head over to Bonnie’s blog Recipes Happen and respond with your own post that reflects an upside for the week.

Catch you all next time!!

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